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countin' flowers on the wall

that don't bother me at all

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This is my fanfiction all-purpose journal. Sometimes I note down interesting things in my life, sometimes I go through brief frenzied spasms of fanfic.

I'm a big fan of science-fiction, especially things with raggedy space fugitives (Firefly, Farscape, Battlestar Galactica, CJ Cherryh), time travel (Connie Willis, Ring of Fire), and alien first-contact (Stargate, Vernor Vinge, CJ Cherryh again). I loved Harry Potter and Diana Wynne Jones when I was a kid and young teen, and I still retain a fondness for those kind of books. I also love historical fiction, especially WWII and the Napoleonic wars. I am a bit of a hypocrite about fantasy-- I dislike most of the genre but really love certain specific books and series. Again, I hate police procedurals but loved NCIS before I lost interest. Just now, at the time of updating this profile again, I'm getting into John Le Carre and Alexandre Dumas. My slash/het/femslash preferences vary depending on the specific character and fandom.

But there is one thing I love more than any of those-- CROSSOVERS.

I do talk about my problems in this journal a lot, but I try not to take myself too seriously. I will be slightly puzzled and hurt but not heartbroken or psycho-enraged if you unfriend me.

Я знаю Русский язык, но очень плохо его читаю.

The explanation for my username can be found here. If you feel weird addressing me as "fullofowls", we can pretend that my given name is Owls. Fortunately, I do not actually share the affliction of the man in the comic, but I do find owls entertaining. They can turn their heads upside down!
abstruse goose, alexander pushkin, alexandre dumas, ancient mythology, andrei tarkovsky, anti-flag, anton chekhov, arthurian legends, aubreyad, bad religion, bank heist movies, beethoven, belaya gvardiya, bordertown, british sea power, burnt by the sun, c.s. forester, capercaillie, carbon leaf, celtic, charles de lint, charlotte bronte, cicero, classics, connie willis, dark dark dark, dead kennedys, depeche mode, donnie darko, dorothy l. sayers, dropkick murphys, east of eden, ed mcbain, eric flint, fanfiction, firefly, folk, front 242, fyodor dostoyevsky, george orwell, glen cook, gogol bordello, harry potter, homemade iced tea, homer, horatio hornblower, iain m. banks, iron man, james dean, jane austen, janelle monae, john le carre, joy division, julius caesar, k.j. parker, karen matheson, korol i shut, kurt vonnegut, le volume corbe, leo tolstoy, lolcats, loreena mckennitt, mashed potatoes, meetingplace cannot be changed, men without hats, mentos and diet coke, mireille matthieu, monday begins on saturday, mozart, nada surf, ncis, neal stephenson, neil gaiman, neko case, organic chemistry, patrick o'brian, pulp fiction, punk rock, rachmaninov, rammstein, rebel without a cause, regina spektor, rice boy, ring of fire, roadside picnic, s.e. hinton, science, science fiction, sherlock holmes, spies, stargate, strugatsky brothers, supernatural, talking heads, terry pratchett, the aeneid, the black company, the bouncing souls, the futureheads, the gaslight anthem, the iliad, the mountain goats, the odyssey, the outsiders, the smiths, the uprising, the vincent black shadow, tristram shandy, unhealthy sugary crap, urban legends, vergil, vernor vinge, walter moers, william gibson, wolf parade, writing, xkcd