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1/25/30 09:44 pm - Officially f-locking this thing.

I have decided to friends-lock my livejournal, because despite my pretensions to semi-anonymity, I post about real-life stuff in here, and things on the internet are not easily erased.

My fic and fandom-related things will remain unlocked. If you have seen me around and want to friend me, just say so, and I will probably friend you back after a little while.

Oh and you know all those secrets on FandomSecrets that say "can't express this fandom opinion because my flist will kill me"? I AM OFFICIALLY GIVING YOU PERMISSION TO HAVE YOUR OWN DAMN OPINIONS, if you are the sort of person who needs that kind of permission. If you dislike my favorite character, that is okay. If you post daily screeds about how much you hate my favorite character, I'll probably roll my eyes and unfriend you, but not freak out about it. I've been a lurker for a decade (since the age of 10), so I fancy myself able to deal with these things without any wank. *knock on wood* IRL, some people find me annoying because I talk too much. If this is so, you can always unfriend me. 

But in general I try to be a nice person; you can go ahead and friend me, I won't bite.

4/16/11 06:06 pm - music rec

This is not normally the kind of music I listen to, but I stumbled upon this in my sleepy blog-trawling earlier today and I've found myself listening to it over and over again.

Work Drugs are a band from Philadelphia  that have put out less than ten songs, but each of these is GOOD. You know how sometimes on a large album you end up making a playlist of two-thirds or half or a third of the songs from it because you're sick of manually skipping past the boring or bad ones? These guys apparently removed the songs which we would have skipped past anyway.

(I feel like there's a quote about this in writing, too... "take out the parts which people skip" or something like that. Don't know who said it, as usual.)

They're described as "sedative-wave / smooth-fi", whatever the hell that means, but really what they make is the calmest, most pleasant music I have heard in a very long time. For a while, my mother kept insisting that I needed to listen to those horrible relaxation CDs, and I kept trying to explain to her that listening to an authoritative voice telling you when to breathe and to imagine energy flowing into you and all of that kind of crap would only infuriate me and disrupt my thoughts, not calm me, and that if I wanted relaxing music I could just listen to Rachmaninov's piano concertos or something like that.

This music, however, is what she really intended (or would have if she'd ever heard of it). It is enjoyable to listen to and is the kind of not-quite-electronica (yeah, yeah, I know I'm not savvy with music genres) that seems like it has some new element every time you listen to a song.

Work Drugs There you go, that's five of their songs in one place. Yes, yes, you're too lazy to click, I know, but go ahead and support real indie musicians. I really like this music, okay? And I think you should try it.

(Why, yes, I finally remembered to take a Ritalin for once and it's just starting to kick in, how ever did you know?)

3/15/11 09:56 am - a public alert message

As a (former) Latin nerd I feel it is my duty to inform my friendslist to BEWARE THE IDES OF MARCH.

No, seriously, you might want to avoid Senators today, or Members of Parliament if you have those instead. They might get a little mixed up about who to stab.

(Ten thousand bonus points to anyone who knows WITHOUT GOOGLING IT why I've tagged this post "elks without knees".)

2/20/11 04:03 pm - OLD BOOKS *DROOLDROOLDROOL*

Hey NYC people! (Of which there are, like, two at most) There is going to be a Greenwich Village Antiquarian Book Fair:
FRI. Feb. 25 6-9pm $12
SAT. Feb. 26 12-6pm $7
SUN. Feb. 27 12-5pm $5

where they will be selling things like1:
1all descriptions copypasted from the website.

History of Kings County Including Brooklyn. 1884. Vol.1. only. $200

John Eddy 1821 map of New York State. VG condition.

The Works of Edgar Allan Poe -Ten Volumes Vellum
Stone & Kimball, 1894. Very Good. No Jacket. Albert Edward Sterner (illustrator). First Edition. 10 royal 8vo volumes in full white limp vellum over stiff boards with art nouveau poppies in gilt on covers and spine strips. Hand-numbered and ltd to 250 sets. Title-pages printed in red & black. Printed letterpress on hand-laid paper.

And it looked like those are going to be the CHEAP things for sale.

There was also this:


Jumonville, Joseph Coulon Villiers de; La Corne St-Luc; and Raimbault, P. AUTOGRAPH DOCUMENT SIGNED by "THE GENERAL OF THE INDIANS" LA CORNE ST. LUC and JOSEPH COULON DE JUMONVILLE whose death precipitated the French and Indian War. [Montreal], June 11th, 1749. Over 225 words penned on a 12 inch high by 6-3/8 inch wide sheet of watermarked paper. The one page document is a contract or letter of obligation by which Joseph Coulon Villiers de Jumonville and Paul Francois Raimbault de St. Blin agree to pay the outfitter La Corne St. Luc for equipment which they purchased for their voyage of exploration of the region surrounding their Nipigon [Ontario] trading post. A beautiful early French Canadian document with the strong autographs of 2 giant figures in American and Canadian history: one by virtue of an historical accident and the other by virtue of his intelligence and bravura.

ABRAHAM LINCOLN. A lengthy letter, dated Hagerstown, Maryland, November 6, 1862 and addressed to “His Excellency Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States” and signed by the Chief Surgeons of the Army Corps, the Seminary and the Court House Hospitals in that region. They state:

[We] beg leave to represent to your Excellency that in the hospitals in this place there are at present upwards of seven hundred sick soldiers that many of them are in very critical conditions such as demands the ministration of the clergyman as well as of the physicians, that many of them have already died and that most of them have been buried without any of the usual offices of religion…

“We therefore think it is highly desirable that [we] have among us a resident Chaplain who shall have the general oversight of the spiritual wants of our patients…[we] ask the appointment at your hands of Rev. Henry Edwards the Episcopal minister in this time…

Below this appeal is a 13-line autograph endorsement signed by Major General George W. Morell, Commander of Defences of the Upper Potomac,

I cordially & earnestly unite in the above recommendation. The importance of providing the services of clergymen for the hospitals can scarcely be appreciated…

The President adds a 13-line autograph endorsement signed A. Lincoln, Nov. 12, 1862,

“If the Surgeon General concurs I would like to appoint Rev. Mr. Edwards a hospital [Surgeon] Chaplain to serve at Hagerstown so long as a hospital is maintained there, he understanding that his Commission may end with the breaking up of the hospital at that place.”

Finally Major General W. H. Hammond, Surgeon General, adds his approval,
“I know Mr. Edwards very well and am satisfied his ministrations would be useful at Hagerstown…” 4 pages, 4to in toto. Fold wear archivally reinforced for preservation. 1st and 2nd pages detached from each other, with no loss of text or appearance.
Does it still count as covetousness if I normally don't care about material possessions and am perfectly happy to wear the same t-shirt for years until it wears out?

Yeah, I think it probably does... :(

1/26/11 12:26 pm - Strange and silly Sharpe fic!

feroxargentea unintentionally inspired me to write a Sharpe version of The World Turned Upside Down. Part of the way through that, I got to thinking of how people act when they’re delirious with fever, and that is where this ridiculous little fic came from. And yes, about halfway through this, I did remember that scene from Cryptonomicon where Bobby Shaftoe’s in the hospital being interviewed, but there just wasn’t room for a giant lizard in this story :)
      BTW: any Sharpe fic I write is based on the books, because I read them all before seeing the TV movies.
      The Replacement
      Gen. Kinda crack-ish-- the inverse of h/c, if such a thing exists. Approx. 800 words. Unbetaed. Sharpe, Wellington, Major Hogan. One of the duties of an officer is to visit his sick and injured men. Most of the time they appreciate it.

     "What kind of a hallucination are you, anyway?"Collapse )
Read, leave comments, etc. You know the drill. I didn't get a beta for this since it's so small and silly, so if you have constructive criticism go ahead. I'm aware it's a bit OOC.
There was also a whole monologue about how Bonaparte was trying to kill him, a la Catch-22, but I figured there’s only so long Wellington’s morbid fascination would hold out before he left.

1/24/11 12:51 pm - typing with cyrillic stickers on my keyboard LIKE A BOSS

I've translated the soundtrack titles for Sherlock Holmes.... if anybody has any corrections, by all means say so. I've divided them into groups of five to make them easier to read.
Of course nobody really needs these, it's not like we download things, right?Collapse )

Some notes:

Russian does not have articles. My mother, who speaks otherwise perfect English, still says things like, "Go put it in a microwave!"1 So in some places I put in "the" in front of a title and in some places I didn't. Add or remove at your own discretion.
1To which I am always tempted to reply, "Which one? We have thirty!"

"Laura Lyons" is a guess-- it's written phonetically as "Lora Laiens". So is "Gobo", whoever or whatever that may be. (Though I think it's the guy with the fangs. HIS FANGS YOU GUYS, I swear they are fucking terrifying.)

I am no great expert in Russian movies-- I've seen a few, but I don't recognize actors on sight the way my mother can-- but when the character of Sir Henry Baskerville showed up, I said, "holy crap, that's the young Nikita Mikhalkov!" Nikita Mikhalkov went on to make, in 1998 or so, a movie called Burnt by the Sun, one of the most powerfully moving things I have ever seen or read. If you want to know about Russian culture, without really sitting down and intentionally studying it, watch that movie. Or just watch if you want to see an incredibly sad movie that somehow manages to be very happy and cheerful in certain spots (which makes it all the more poignant).

So watching the Hound of the Baskervilles episode, and seeing young!Mikhalkov acting so... uh... well, you'll see what I mean... was a little bit jarring. But pretty damn funny all the same. He's supposed to be depicting an American. :)

Oh and speaking of further episodes-- you know how Solomin is more watsony than Freeman? Well the Russian Moriarty is even creepier than Jim. He's like the Master from Doctor Who or something.

1/12/11 10:23 am - Marcel the shell, with shoes on

When I say that this is the adorable thing I've ever seen, I am fully taking into account the amount of adorable things on the internet. This is cuter than baby fluffy bunnies, or that capybara that likes to eat green popsicles.
Eeee, his tiny voice!

10/2/10 11:09 am - The Robert Steven Singer Memorial Home for Superfluous Winchesters (1/?)

So. Um. This is a little ridiculous, and probably not up to standard, but it made me laugh.

The Robert Steven Singer Memorial Home for Superfluous WinchestersCollapse )

9/26/10 01:27 pm

I know I said this would be a fic & icon journal but I find myself having things to rant or remark about and no one who hasn't heard me say it before...

I had my wisdom teeth out on Friday. Since you can only do general anesthesia in a hospital, they sedated me instead, which I found rather disturbing. I know for a fact that I was aware during the surgery, but I don't remember any of it. The IV went in, and then he was telling me to open my mouth to put some gauze pads in, and I had that fleeting sensation you get when you wake up and a dream is already slipping away.


The painkillers are working, thankfully-- and no, my fingers are not finging :D

Friday was also my youngest cousin's 7th birthday, so yesterday my mother and I went to NJ to see the rest of the family. Aunt, uncle, cousins, grandparents, friends of my aunt and uncle's who are more like unrelated family, and their children.

And the dog, who is really a person who just happens to have a wet nose and a fluffy tail. I know anyone reading this will think their dog is the best dog, but you are WRONG. (It's okay, I'm sure she'll forgive you, haha.)

I don't often realize it, but I am extremely lucky to have such a big family that I love. Other people have really awful relatives, but they are great (besides my father, but let's not talk about him). And since I don't see them that often, they don't have the opportunity to drive me insane.

Hmm... how to refer to various people? Two of my cousins have the same first initial, so perhaps I will call them cousin-1.5, cousin-8, and cousin-13 (for how many years they are younger than me). I suppose I may as well admit here that I am 20. My older sister is D. and her husband is S. and their kitties are Lizzy and Darcy. (How S. allowed this to happen, I have no idea :D)

Okay I have been typing long enough... back to messing around making icons. (BTW, pixlr is an excellent image editor for those of us without photoshop.)

Right now I am going about and snagging icons. And some screencaps to make icons myself.

ETA: 3 Dead Like Me icons. Rather ugly, I think, but I haven't been doing this long. If anyone actually wants them, go ahead and take, but please don't hotlink, credit please, etc etc.

Rube & George1         Rube & George2          Rube & George3

4/29/10 11:03 am - wtf have i done now

I just couldn't get rid of the mental image of Dean watching his Grey's Anatomy analogue... And then I remembered another show with a bit of meta about the characters.

So here ya go:
Mystery Supernatural Theater 3000Collapse )

9/8/09 12:00 am - first post

Testing, testing, 1 2 3.

Hello world. I am full of owls. This will be a primarily fic & icon journal.
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